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Bitcoinator's Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service bitcoinator.pw Terms of Members / Inserts Members must sign in at least every 30 days to stay active.
Inactive members will be suspended without any refunds like surfing points, money.
We delete the account after 180 days of inactivity.
Users who use false information, including name, to sign up or change their personal information will have their account suspended.
Use Czech or English when you advertise or communicate on our site. You can only have one account and your household can only have one account.
Do not attempt to create more than one account or all your accounts will be closed.
You should never need another account. If you've forgotten your user information, it's enough to be emailed to you.
Your password must be kept secret from others and stored in a non-returnable format.
In the unlikely event that someone hacks into your account, we are not responsible.
When you request a password, we will send you a new one to your email.
Click Software automatically. If you offer or discover that you are promoting or using unauthorized third-party software or services used to automatically click, auto-surf, advertise, or circumvent or cheat bitcoinator.pw, your account will terminate without notice.
Clearing your account due to any of these violations results in the loss of all account balances.
Please note that legal action may be taken.
Politics against cheating. Any attempt, in any way, to use automatic click software, to log into our system using third party software, to infiltrate the system has all been logged.
If you request a payout, all payouts are reviewed and processed manually by the bitcoinator.pw site administrator.
Any attempt to hack or exploit our system will result in permanent account suspension.
A username that we consider inappropriate may result in your account being suspended.
Logging in from proxy servers or from shared network environments is not allowed.
Accounts are non-transferable.
If any of your activities cause material damage or damage Bitcoinator.pw's reputation, we have the right to permanently suspend your account. General Terms and Conditions for bitcoinator.pw/

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